fredag 27 november 2015

Longyearbyen Visiting Acupuncture Clinic – January 15th and Christmas Package and Early Bird discounts!

We were very happy to be in the magical surroundings of Longyearbyen on Svalbard when we did a first visit helping and treating people there this November! You can see pictures of some of the treatments and happy patients here. All our acupuncture treatments are completely painless: when someone is skilled at needling, it is always pain free.

...and also the treatments with moxa, which makes the body warm and relaxed inside even when you go out into the winter cold in Longyearbyen, here. You can read about moxa for humans and dogs further down in this text.

And a big thank you to the people at Gjestehuse 102 for all their kind help! You can follow their updates here:

Our next visit to Longyearbyen is booked for January 15th! We will have the visiting clinic there for five days. We are now taking pre-bookings for that visit. Remember, there are a limited number of places, so book yours in advance to be sure of treatment and help while we are in Longyearbyen.

We put up a separate page on our website for Longyearbyen Visiting Clinic. On it, you can read more about the treatments, and see a list of some of the wide range of problems and illnessess we can help you and your family with:  Longyearbyen Visiting Acupuncture Clinic.

If you want to see the same list of all the problems and illnessess we can help out with but in Swedish, you can find it here: Vad vi behandlar och hjälper till med på våra kliniker med den äkta akupunkturen i Kinesisk Medicin.

För dig som vill läsa om de djupare behandlingarna för känslor, livskriser och vårt liv som finns i den Klassiska Kinesiska Medicinen som är den äldsta sortens Kinesisk Medicin, så hittar du en beskrivning av dem här: Djupare behandlingar för känslor, livskriser och vårt liv.
To celebrate the start of the visiting acupuncture clinic in Longyearbyen we have added some discounts – Christmas Package and Early Bird prices! You can also find a Healthy 2016 Package, if you want to give your present any time during 2016! For those of us who love our dog, we are offering a Dog Moxa Package, giving them better health and warmth through moxa treatments.

Christmas Package and gift card

The Christmas Package is a great christmas present, and comes with a gift card and nice christmas wrapping. The price is 700 NOK/treatment normally, but with the Christmas Package you buy four treatments for 2400 NOK total instead of 2800!

Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine works the best with several treatments that slowly go deeper in our body and mind and help them to gently become healthier and more free. With several treatments our mind also becomes lighter and happier, and more relaxed inside us. One treatment helps a little, but only several more treatments help to make the change more permanent. This package of four treatments makes sure of a good start to that. A great christmas gift to help the health of those you love.

The Christmas Package is personal and can only be used for the visit from Small Change Acupuncture Visiting Clinic in January 2016. If you want to give more gifts that can be used during our visits for all of 2016, look at the Healthy 2016 Package below!

Early Bird bookings

Early Bird bookings are for those who want to be sure they have places when the clinic is visiting Longyearbyen.

Early Bird Bookings offer six treatments booked at a discount: instead of 4200 you pay only 3700! Six treatments during the time we are visiting make sure that the treatment really has the chance to gently open the person´s system and go deeper, stabilizing the effect to last longer. They are personal and valid for the time they are booked. If you want something that is valid for the whole of 2016, look at the next offer!

Healthy 2016 Package

The Healthy 2016 Package offers a full set of six treatments for the price of five, which means the help and treatment really has a chance to go deeper in your system and become more permanent. Long-time illnessess need more time than this to be affected since they have been around for a long time, but six treatments make a big and noticeable difference to the better for the person´s physical and emotional health.

The Healthy 2016 Package can be used anytime during 2016, and tailored as a gift or birthday present. If you tell us what kind of card or message you want, we will make one and send to you by post. The Healthy 2016 Package is for one individual.

Dog Moxa Package

Moxa uses a herb that is dried and pressed and then lit, giving a gentle warmth as it´s held above the body and acupuncture points. It is used both for humans and animals, and among other things it treats pain, stiffness, joint pain and coldness inside, or a fear of cold outside.

It is a great help for dogs too, especially those who are stiffer, have stiff joints or pain, or to help heal a wounded dog faster. It makes the dog warmer and more relaxed – they usually react like they are lying happily in front of a warm fire!

Treatments for dogs are 350 NOK. With the Dog Moxa Package you give your dog a great gift in healing and feeling warmer in the cold, with four treatments for 1200 instead of 1400!

You can see an example of moxa treatment on a human, here. Moxa treatments are painless, like all the acupuncture we do. Moxa just gives a gentle warmth going deeper into our body and healing us.

Moxa treatments are very helpful for helping dogs heal faster if they have been injured. Older dogs who have become stiff or have joints that ache become softer and warmer with moxa treatments, looking younger and with easier movement again.

Booking details

If you book the Christmas Package with gift card (christmas-wrapped and sent to you before Christmas) please remember to have booked and paid for it by 8/12. Then the post will have time to send your card. Otherwise you can still book a Christmas Package until the 15/12!
The Christmas Package costs 2400 for four treatments instead of 2800, and is individual.

You can book the Early Bird discount up until the 5/1 2016 by which time the money has to be in account. It´s only 3700 for six treatments instead of 4200! The Early Bird Booking is individual.

Healthy 2016 Package can be booked from now and during anytime over 2016. It is also valid during the entire year for our coming visits in 2016. It has to be booked and money in the account at the latest ten days before our visit to Longyearbyen. Remember – you can ask for this as a birthday present too! Just tell us what you want and we will make a gift card adapted for the gift you are giving and send it to you by post!

As we are travelling up to Longyearbyen from the south of Sweden for the visiting clinic, there are no refunds.

Dog Moxa Package is 1200 for four treatments instead of 1400. It is individual for that dog, and has to be booked and paid into the account at the latest ten days before our visit to Longyearbyen – on the 5/1 2016 for this first visit.

Book now!

Just book on or call me at 0046 702 23 28 95. If you want to give a gift of health to your loved ones with a card, remember to book in time so we can send it up to you!

Welcome in to Small Change Visiting Clinic in Longyearbyen!