torsdag 21 april 2011

Seen in London

For Margaret: a cab-firm proudly labelling their cars ”Wedding Taxi´s”.

A middle-aged, worn woman at the bus-stop early one morning, who was reading a book called Tempt me to Darkness. The cover showed some very tasteful flesh and promised hinted pleasures over boxes of chocolate inside.

A balloon, flying happy and red on the roof of Spitalfield Market, lost, lost, by a small hand.

A private hire cab driver outside a theatre premiere in the West End, who on his passenger seat had a laptop that seemed to be showing gay porn while he was waiting for his client to come out.

A sign: Dulwich Ukulele Group looking for more interested members!.

Seen. In London. And all these faces. All, so many, so varied, and most of them, so human.