onsdag 20 april 2011

Having a cold in London

is a very surreal experience. The city becomes like something out of Harry Potter, hazy and unsolid. People seem to move at strange angles (or maybe you do), lights jump out at you constantly from passing traffic and bicycles, like waving hands in front of your face.

I got on a bus that only went half-way of my trip and had to get off and wait for another one. That was ten very long minutes of my life, on a bridge in London with streaming traffic and rushing pedestrians. In that region, there are also building-works, so traffic is shut down, and there seemed to have been a multiple car pile-up since ten cars in a row where standing still and un-used next to the sidewalk in one of the lanes. I saw the scared face of a middle-aged woman in one of them, the only one with people still in them.

Very strange. But London is, normally: I just discovered it seems like some kind of hallucinogenic trip when you have a bad cold.

Scene: sitting on a bus, in central London, a black double-decker passes us by and stops a bus further down. I almost think it is a hallucination – but no, it´s the Ghost Bus who does ghost tours through London on an old Routemaster bus, painted all over in glossy black...